# Chat and Stream interaction

# Chat Settings

You can access the chat settings from the wrench icon at the top left of the chat sidebar on Desktop. From mobile, chat settings are currently limited.

You have access to several settings to customize your chat.

The font size can be adjust from a small size to a very large size just in case you need to see it from afar. You can also enable the timestamps on messages. The time for each message will show up underneath.

By enabling sounds on your chat you can hear when certain things happen. Turn on New Chat Sound to hear a sound for every message that comes in. Turning on Chat Text to Speech will read each chat aloud. Chat Bot Text to Speech will only read messages from the joystick.tv bot. This one is useful for some streamers in cases where they can’t read the chat but need to know what is happening.

# Chat Commands

We have several chat commands to make your viewing experience even that more fun.

!tokens - This command will show you your current token balance. No else in the chat can see this message.

!cleartimers - Clear all timers that are currently set on a stream. This is only available to streamers and their moderators.

!uptime - Use this command to see how long you’ve been streaming for.

!giphy Search Text - Add some funny images and gifs to your chat! For the search text, get creative and see what comes back. The results are random and get really fun! Only streamers and their subscribers have access to this command.

!dropin @username - When your stream is done, pass on the love by sending your viewers to another streamer that is live. After you send this command, all of your viewers will be sent to the other streamer and a welcome message will let everyone know that you have arrived.

!so @username - Give a shoutout to another streamer! Type their username, and the chat will be updated with that streamer’s information and a link to their profile.

!social - This command will put a link in the chat to show all of the streamers social links. Make sure you add all of your social links so no one misses out.

!timers - Show a list of current active timers the streamer has set.

!timer Time Timer Name - Need a timer to keep track of a goal or something else? No problem, we got several ways to do it.

!timer 10s
!timer 10s 10 Second Timer
!timer 25seconds A longer timer
!timer 1m Jumping Jacks for 1 minute
!timer 5minutes Whatever you'd like to name it

!wishlist - This command will put a link in the chat to show your wishlist link. As a streamer, you can fill this in on your stream settings page.

# Buying Tokens

You can purchase tokens at any time. When you tip a streamer, you are spending your tokens. The streamer earns 80% from these tips.

To purchase tokens, you can use

  • Credit / Debit / Bank card
  • PayPal
  • Joystick Wallet (For streamers only)

The higher token packages will have discounted rates for the number of tokens you are purchasing. If you want to really show your support, you can choose the “Super Supporter” packages. These cost a little more, but guarantee that the streamer earns the most value for the tokens you are purchasing.

# Tipping

Tipping tokens is how you can show support and appreciation to the streamers. When you tip a streamer, they earn 80% of the value of the tokens. Purchase tokens as a super supporter to maximize the value of your tokens.

# Live Stream Tip Options

You can tip in live streams by clicking the $ icon next to the message box. From here you can select your tips based on the streamers tip menu or tip your own amount.

You may also tip directly into the chat by typing !tip #. The “#” being the amount of tokens you would like to tip (e.g. !tip 10).

You can also tip via the streamer’s Tip Menu or by Spinning their Wheel.

# Tipping on Posts

You can also tip on posts by clicking “Add a Tip” below the comment box.

# Tipping in Direct Messages

You can add a tip through Direct Messages by clicking the Add a Tip button.

# Subscriptions

Subscriptions, like tipping, are another way to help the streamers. Each streamer has the ability to set their own subscription price, but these will range between $3.99/mo to a max of $99/mo. All subscriptions are considered recurring by default, and must be cancelled before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged again.

# Subscription features

When you subscribe to a streamer, you’ll get access to several different features and options

  • Use the streamers emotes on any channel
  • Send Direct Messages to the streamer
  • Change your username color in their channel to a custom color
  • Set a custom nickname for that channel
  • A special chat badge to denote you’re a subscriber
  • Access to all their uploaded VODs
  • Access to all their locked post content from your feed
  • Ability to use special chat commands like !giphy, and more…
  • Watch their stream when it goes in to subscriber-only mode
  • Tip from sub-only tip menus
  • Access to new subscriber-only features as we add them!

# Gifting subscriptions

You have the ability to gift subscriptions to other community members. Gift a single subscription to a specific person, or let us choose a few random people.

Unlike normal subscriptions, gifted subscriptions do not auto renew. When you gift subscriptions, these will be a one-time purchase.