# Overview

Becoming an affiliate on Joystick.TV is easy! Just sign up for a regular account, then click the “Become an affiliate” link. Fill in a bit of information, then submit for approval. Once approved, you can start sharing your affiliate link and getting paid.

Approvals may take up-to 24 hours to be reviewed

This is a URL with a special code that links back to you. When someone visits this URL they will be tracked as a “click” in your reporting. If they signup for a new account, you’ll see this as a “join”. Once they make any purchase, you’ll receive a bonus of 20%.

# How much do I earn?

You’ll earn 20% on each purchase a user makes.

# If I refer a streamer, do I earn money on their streaming earnings?

No, you earn money from users signing up and making purchases.

# Can I make money referring other streamers?

Not yet. This is something we hope to launch in the future.

# If I am already a streamer or plan to be one, can I take advantage of this program and become an affiliate?

Yes, we encourage you to use your links on your social media platforms and wherever else you refer users to join your streams. If they sign up and make purchases, you will earn a cut.